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Some botanical resources useful for identification of woodland flora in spring

Interactive key


The following links provide access to desktop and mobile  version of the interactive key for identification of ground flora in Hook's Grove in March.

This is a link to a video explaining how to use the key.

Ground flora in Hook's Grove in spring

Some of the resources on plant identification developed for a practical run by The University of Hertfordshire

Dichotomous key for woodland ground flora in Hook's Grove.

Photo guide accompaning the key with description of the important features.

Video recordings made in Hook's Grove in March 2020

Plant species in Hook's Grove 1 Plant species in Hook's Grove 2

Video links

These videos describe some of the common woodland species and how to distiguish similar species. Click on the image to download the video in a new tab.

Pendulous Sedge Lesser Celandine Wood Avens Early Dog-violet Barren Strawberry versus Wild Strawberry Germander Speedwell versus Wood Speedwell

Wood Speedwell versus Germander Speedwell


Wood Speedwell (left) and Germander Speedwell growing next to each other in Hook's Grove. The latter is easy to recognise when two lines of hairs on the stem are visible, but this is not always the case.

Common Violets


Early Dog-violet (Viola reichenbachiana, left) has a purple un-notched spur (flower extension), Common Dog-violet (Viola riviniana, middle) has a pale notched spur and Sweet Violet (Viola odorata, right) has a hooked spur. Sweet Violets might come in a range of colours.



Common Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna, left) has flowers with 1 style, Midland Hawthorn (Crataegus laevigata, middle) has flowers with 2 or 3 styles and Hybrid Hawthorn (Crataegus x media, right) has flowers with 1 or 2 styles.